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Why You Shouldn't Make $100K in Your First Year as a Coach

Uncategorized Oct 23, 2020

I know this is a bit of a controversial subject. Especially with all those messages out there about how you should be able to make $100k in your first year as a coach.

And I’m not saying it’s not possible. It absolutely is.

Especially if you’ve run a business before, have a background in business & marketing or come from a sales-oriented background.

Especially if your new coaching business is directly related to what you did before in your business or career.

Especially if you’re clear on your purpose – and know right now exactly who you want to help and how.

Especially if you’ve logged many hours coaching & are super comfortable & confident in your abilities.

Even more possible if it’s all four of the above.

But what if you don’t have a background in business & marketing? What if you’ve never run a business before? What if you know you want to be a coach – but aren’t quite sure yet on your niche...

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Why Building Your Business Like a “Typical” Entrepreneur Doesn’t Work for Most Life Coaches

Uncategorized Oct 23, 2020
If you’re a new life coach or heart-centered entrepreneur, who has left (or is leaving) your career to start a passion-based business you love for the first time – then you likely aren’t a typical entrepreneur.

The Oxford dictionary defines an entrepreneur as: “A person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.”

Does that sound like you? Probably not.

Typical entrepreneurs tend to have a passion for entrepreneurship and business building in and of itself, and their main motivation for being in business is money & growth.

Typical entrepreneurs also tend to already be well-versed in business & marketing, and have likely come from careers related to sales, finance or marketing – or have already run previous businesses.

Heart-centered entrepreneurs tend to be a bit different in three key ways:

  1. Their main motivation for being in business isn’t money or growth. Instead, their primary...
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Are You Living Someone Else's Career?

Uncategorized Oct 22, 2020

Have you spent your life trying to mold yourself into the person you think you “should” be at work or in your business? Do you often feel like a fraud or an imposter because you’re constantly trying to be “good enough”, please people, and figure out the “right & expected” way to do things? Have you sacrificed your core values in order serve your fears or make “enough” money to feel safe?

Do you secretly long to just be yourself & do things your way– but don’t feel like you can because something about who you are or how your work is “wrong” or “flawed”?  Is this preventing you from truly building a career or business you love?

Are you are so very tired of pretending to be happy when you’re really, really not – and so deeply exhausted by constantly trying to be someone other than who you are?

The reality is that we are all born into this world with a unique set of...

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