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connect who you are to meaningful work you love

Are you frustrated & tired in the work you're supposed to love?

Does the career you've invested SO much time & energy in now feel like a deep dark hole that's slowly sucking the life out of you?

If you've been telling yourself that you SHOULD be happy, you SHOULD love this career that others would feel so lucky to have...

...if you feel trapped and paralyzed because you started your career with passionate & purpose - but now something's off and you don't know exactly what's wrong or what to do next...

...if you secretly long to do work that feels personally meaningful and fulfilling - if only you knew what that was...

Then you're in the right place. Work that makes you feel alive, energized & fulfilled is possible. 
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Nicole Career Coach Vancouver

The key to loving what you do is aligning every aspect of your career with who you are & how you naturally work best.



I'm a Senior Professional Career Coach, Certified Sparketypes Advisor, Master Certified Marketing Consultant, and the Regional Manager (Canada) for the International Association of Career Coaches.  I combine my 20 years of experience in marketing, recruiting, career development, interviewing and resume writing to help passionate marketing (and other) professionals like you finally do WHAT you love in a WAY you love – by aligning every aspect of your career and work around who you are & how you naturally work best. 

I know because I’ve spent my 20 year marketing & recruiting career searching for ways to “fix” my work by connecting who I am to everything I do – whether it was my marketing job, consulting business, or coaching career.

Plus, I've helped worked with hundreds of passionate professionals, coaches, consultants and solopreneurs spark their work through my own programs and as a coach instructor for Martha Beck's Wayfinder Coach Training and Bev Barnes' Soul's Calling Coach Training. 

Like you, I've been frustrated & disillusioned in my marketing career. After years of training in career development, coaching, personality psychology, and Sparketypes - what I’ve learned is that the key to loving what you do is aligning every aspect of your career with who you are & how you naturally work best. 

Why? Because when you connect who you are to your career you’re passionate, inspired, motivated and more likely to wake up curious about the day ahead, come home feeling fulfilled, and have energy and focus for the other important areas of your life. 

On the other hand, when you design your career based on what you think other people want, financial success alone, or how you think you “should” work, every day can seem like a meaningless struggle, you wake up tired and dreading the day ahead, and come home tired, which impacts every area of your life.

I wish I knew then what I know now - so I wouldn't have wasted one more day in a job that felt draining and meaningless. But now I know doing work that feels energizing and fulfilling is possible, and that's what I want for you too!

Today, I combine all of my experience and expertise in marketing, recruiting, career development, interviewing and resume writing to help other frustrated marketing professionals make those small but important tweaks to find or create work they love - and then teach them the tools to go out and get that dream job! 

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Professional Background

Education, Professional Training & Certifications:

BA in Communication 

Coaching Credentials:

  • Senior Professional Career Coach - The International Association of Career Coaches
  • Certified Sparketype Advisor (The Good Life Project/Jonathan Field)
  • Master Soul's Calling Coach (Soul's Calling Academy)
  • Certification in Knowledge Based Coaching in the Workplace (ICF Accredited)
  • Wayfinder Life Coach Training (Dr. Martha Beck)
  • Certified Equus Coach (The Koelle Institute)
  • Professional Career Coach training (Happen to Your Career)

Marketing Credentials:

  • Master Certified Marketing Consultant (Duct Tape Marketing
  • Certified Marketing Manager
  • Certified Professional Services Marketer

Personality Psychology Credentials:

  • Certified Sparketypes Advisor (Jonathan Field)
  • Essential Motivators (Dr. Linda Berens/Interstrength Institute)
  • Cognitive Dynamics (Dr. Linda Berens/Interstrength Institite)
  • Profiler Training  (Personality Hacker)
  • Magic Diamond & Specialized Workshops (Dr. Dario Nardi) 

Career History: LinkedIn

Prior to my entrepreneurial career as a coach & consultant, I spent 16 years in the corporate world as a marketing executive in the high tech and B2B world. My marketing career included launching start-ups, acting as a one-woman marketing department for a 100 person software firm, leading the North America marketing team for an international technology company, managing strategic & student recruitment marketing for a post-secondary institution, managing more than 100 events, conferences, & training seminars annually, and heading a $15 million consumer telecommunications brand.

I've also worked as a career advisor, recruiter and hiring manager, and was the program manager for a post-secondary institute where I designed curriculum, managed all courses, training, exercises, and instructors - and held bottom-line accountability for a training division.

I left the corporate world to found and run my own marketing consulting & coaching business, Corner Your Market, for five years, where I supported small & mid sized business owners across the technology, education, and professional services fields in creating sustainable marketing strategies & systems. Then in 2015, I expanded my business to include a coaching division - Love What You Do Again and Love Your Career Again, where I support passionate professionals, coaches, solopreneurs & business owners in connecting who they are to careers & businesses they love.

I am also the Regional Manager for the International Association of Career Coaches, partner with Bev Barnes and The Soul’s Calling Academy to offer courses, retreats and Soul’s Calling Coach Training, Megan English Coaching to run the Authentic Leadership Training, and was an instructor, curriculum designer & team lead for Martha Beck’s Wayfinder Life Coach Training from 2018 to 2021.

Who We Work With:


We specialize in working with passionate marketing, communication (and other) professionals who need to feel energized, inspired and fulfilled in their work or they suffer. 

You may have lost your career spark, but don't know why or how to get it back. If this is you, we can support you in decoding your career discontent, getting your spark back, and identifying either small tweaks (or big changes) to work that make you feel alive. 

We also work with marketing professionals who already know they want to make a transition, maybe even know what their dream job already is - but don't know how to go about making this new dream job a reality. If this is you, we can help you identify any gaps between where you are now and your ideal job, create a career dossier (resume, cover letter & LinkedIn profile) that will help you get that interview, and coach you through the interview and job negotiation process.

Not a marketing professional? No worries. If anything about our approach resonates with you, then you're in the right place. We've helped clients land jobs as Coroners, Chief Administrative Officers, and Emergency Management Coordinators, just to name a few. 

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"First day at my new workplace today! Feels great. Thanks for all of your coaching and encouragement!

Miranda Myles

"Thanks for all the support with my resume & the interview process. I finally have a marketing position where they really appreciate my relationship & project management skills." 


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